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MSSQL DMVs — Backup Progress Status Report

In SQL2000, we can­’t find out the backup pro­gress unless we give the stats para­met­ers in the backup state­ment. But in SQL 2005/​​2008, with DMVs we are cap­able of find out and now we can answer most of user ques­tions like “When the backup will fin­ish? How far we’ve gone through the whole backup?”. SELECT […]

MSSQL DMVs — Blockings

This is a very good DMV script that gives you blocking/​​locking even on page level and the SQL state­ment each spid is run­ning at the time.   SELECT tl.request_session_id AS Wait­ing­Ses­sionID ‚wt.blocking_session_id AS Block­ing­Ses­sionID ‚wt.resource_description ‚wt.wait_type ‚wt.wait_duration_ms ‚DB_NAME(tl.resource_database_id) AS Data­base­Name ‚tl.resource_associated_entity_id AS Waitin­gAs­so­ci­atedEn­tity ‚tl.resource_type AS Wait­in­gRe­source­Type ‚tl.request_type AS Wait­in­gRe­quest­Type ‚wrt.[text] AS Wait­ingT­Sql ‚btl.request_type Block­in­gRe­quest­Type ‚brt.[text] AS […]